Thursday, April 10, 2014

Featured Athletes: The Rodriguez and Castillo Family

Ray and Julie

What are your names?

Ray Angelo Rodriguez
Julissa Rodriguez
Victor Luis Castillo
Karianne Elisse Castillo

When did you start doing CrossFit? 

Ray: March 2014
Julie: March 2013
Victor: June 2013
Karianne: June 2013

What do you like about CrossFit? 

Ray: I love the hospitality in the gym. You feel welcomed, and people support you, regardless of the difference in level within one another.

Julie: I like how much stronger I've gotten in such little time. I love how great all the trainers are; they willing to work with you and push you to your highest capacity. I also love the fact that everyone there is so nice and they cheer you on.

Victor: It's fun, it's challenging and it's making me stronger.

Karianne working on core strength
during a CrossFit Kids WOD
Karianne: I like that it makes me stronger and there are great workouts.   Even though I had to recently stop going due to cheerleading, but I'm starting again next month when cheerleading season is over.

What is you favorite workout and why? 
Ray: I haven't been going long enough to do actual workouts with names, but I did enjoy the "ELEANOR" workout. It was very intense and challenging.

Julie: I don't really have a favorite workout, but I enjoy any workout that involves lower body and running.

Victor: I like pull-ups and running.

Karianne: I like climbing the rope, running and box jumps.

What is your least favorite workout and why?

Ray: Any workout requiring the use of my shoulder, due to the injury I am still recovering from.
You can always count on a beautiful smile
from Julie during a WOD!

Julie: Any workout involving ROWING!!!

Victor: Rowing and Overhead Squats.

Karianne: Rowing, Pull-ups and Push-ups.

What else should we know about you? 

Ray: I am a Military Brat who followed the family tradition of joining the Army. Born in Puerto Rico, but lived in too many places to mention. I love all sports but my top 3 are basketball, baseball and boxing. I consider myself an artist (I like drawing, creating digital illustrations, cutting hair, producing music and cooking). I am very competitive and I am a BIG KID at heart!!!

Julie: I am a Pediatric Dental Assistant and I love what I do. I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Miami and have been here in Sanford, NC for a while. I am kind of bummed out that I don't get to go to the gym as often due to work. But I try to make time as much as I can. On my days off I enjoy being with my family and cleaning my house due to my extreme case of

Victor: I love sports! I play basketball, baseball and do track and field. I love music, drawing and playing NBA 2K14 on my PS3.

Karianne: I play softball, I do cheer leading and I run track. I love to dance and listen to music. I am very competitive and my favorite color is  turquoise. I love animals and hanging out with my friends. I love TRAVELING and I can't wait to go back to CrossFit.

Victor doing skill work

How has CrossFit changed your daily life? 

Ray: I enjoy the fact that it is something that my entire family does, which makes our bond even stronger. It is now part of our daily routine.

Julie: It's definitely part of our daily routine. For me it's like coffee, If I don't have it I'm fiending for it!  I always look forward to going and when I can't make it, I find myself making my own WODs at home. I sure miss the days when I was going every single day!

Victor: I've learned a lot of new exercises and met new friends.

Karianne: I've met new friends.

What personal changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit? 

Ray: In the short period of time that I have been doing CrossFit, I have noticed the drastic change in my physical readiness, and my energy level has gone up.

Julie: Before CrossFit, I couldn't do 1 push-up! I have so much more energy and stamina. I finally found something I truly enjoy! Now  that my husband is doing it with me, it just makes it that much better.

Victor: I have gotten stronger, faster and I can jump higher.

Karianne: It has made me stronger and made me realize that I can do a lot more things than I thought I could.

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