Monday, November 30, 2015

Featured Athlete - December 2015

1. What is your name?

Michael Hall

2. When did you start doing CrossFit?

I started CrossFit approximately two years ago.

3. What got you into CrossFit? 

I had a good friend that had been doing CrossFit for a year and asked me to try it out.

4. What do you like about CrossFit? 

I like the fact that the workouts are already planned when I get to the gym.  I also enjoy the community and support that Phalanx CrossFit provides to their members.

5. What is your favorite workout and why?

Linda.  I like it because it has bench press, deadlifts and power cleans. Those are my favorite movements.

6. What is your least favorite workout and why? 

Fran.  I hate it because it’s like doing a sprint for 5 minutes.  It takes me forever to recover and it makes me cough.

7. What else should we know about you? 

I lost over a 100 pounds approximately 7 years ago by diet and exercise and have kept it off.

8. How has CrossFit changed your daily life?

CrossFit makes me want to be a healthier person. I try to plan my day so I don’t have to miss workouts. When I miss a workout, I try to make that workout up on Friday during open gym.

9. What personal changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit? 

I lost over a 100 pounds before I started CrossFit. Once I started CrossFit, I gained approximately 10 pounds back, but noticed my clothes still fit the same or maybe better.  I have also noticed a huge increase with my cardio and stamina.

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