Tuesday, February 16, 2016

CrossFit Open 2016

What is the CrossFit Open?

The Open is one of the world’s largest and most accessible competitions!
CrossFitters from all over the world will be completing 5 challenging workouts and posting their scores online to see how they compare to other athletes of all kinds. The Open is exactly what its name suggests…open to everyone.  For a $20 entry fee, you can register for the competition, create an online athlete profile, and join the fun!

How does it work?  Beginning at 8pm on Thursday, February 25th, CrossFit will release Open WOD 1. You then have until Monday afternoon to complete the workout and post a score online.  The WOD must be completed at our gym and scored by a certified judge (one of our coaches).**   We don’t know what the WODs will be this year; historically they have been AMRAPs from 5 – 20 minutes with a variety of motions at a variety of weights.  Even if you can’t typically Rx all of our WODs, you will likely be able to do some of the Open WODs.  You can also register to compete in a scaled division this year!

Check out the past years to see the kind of challenges they presented:  http://games.crossfit.com/workouts/the-open

Several athletes from Phalanx CrossFit will be competing in the Open… so what does that mean for you?  We will continue regular programming from Mon-Thurs.  Friday will still be open gym, and Saturday mornings will still be open to everyone.  The only difference is that, on Saturdays, we will all be doing the Open WOD for that week. Everyone will have a judge, so we all get to experience the thrill of competition and group encouragement. Saturday Open WODs begin Saturday, February 27th and continue through March 26th. You definitely do not have to register for the Open to participate in our Saturday workouts, but you do have to be registered if you want to post your scores online.

Are you interested in competing?  Go to http://games.crossfit.com/ and click on the “Register Now for the 2016 Open” link.  When you register, make sure you choose Phalanx CrossFit as your affiliate!  As a competitor, you are allowed to repeat the WOD as many times as you wish to try and improve your score.  Just make sure you do it in the gym with a designated judge and post your best score online by Monday at 5pm.  We will validate it, and you can see where you rank in our Region (the Mid-Atlantic) and in the world!

 **technically, you can submit a video from home by following strict CrossFit video guidelines; however, if you have gym access, we highly encourage you to come to the gym to complete the workout.

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