Saturday, February 27, 2016

CrossFit Open WOD on Monday

Big day at Phalanx -- we got another 24 athletes through the CF Open WOD. Whew!

We want everyone to get a chance to compete the WOD, and we want folks to have an opportunity to redo it if they're interested! That will take some support from you all, though.

On Monday, the gym will be open at 3:30.
Heat One will begin at 4:10, and there will be a new heat beginning every 25 minutes.
Heat 1 at 4:10
Heat 2 at 4:35
Heat 3 at 5:00
Heat 4 at 5:25
Heat 5 at 5:50
Heat 6 at 6:15
Heat 7 at 6:40.

Each heat can accommodate 3 athletes who are registered for the Open and 2-3 athletes who are not. If you have a specific heat request, send it (check our FB post, or send Tammy a text/email). We will give priority in the order we hear from you. Or, heat sign-up will be available on the white board on Monday.

Everyone is welcome to come workout, even if you're not registered for the Open! If you can let us know when you're coming to work out, though, please do!

We will be back to normal schedule on Tuesday, and I promise we will NOT be doing lunges!

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