Sunday, October 30, 2016

Monday, 31 October

Happy Halloween!

Wear a costume to the gym while we complete the Zombies and Defenders WOD -- Best costume per class wins a small prize ;-)

Work with a partner to complete the Zombie and Defender portions of the WOD.  Half the class will start as Zombies and the other half will start as Defenders.  Who can complete the work first?!  

Zombie WOD:
"Walk Like the Dead" 400m DB Carry  (15/25# with arms outstretched, zombie style!)    
"Grave Burster" 80 Burpees
"Brain Toss" 80 Wall Ball (14/20# to 10')
"Blood on the Bar" 80 Knee to Elbow

Defender WOD:
"Haul off the Dead" 200m Partner Carry
"Suppressing Fire" 200 Double Unders
"Jump High or Die" 100 Box Jumps (20/24")
"Skull Crushers" 60 Tire Flips

(with the exception of Tire Flips, only one partner works at a time.  Partners may choose to work together for tire flips)

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