Sunday, September 3, 2017

Monday, 4 September

WOD for the Working (wo)Man (Time)
WOD for the Working (Wo)Man

In a 3-person team, complete the following events:

1) For Fishermen, Office-workers, and Caregivers:
2100m Row, while one partner holds the "typist" position and one partner holds the 20# baby

2) For Mechanics and Servers:
 400m tire flip, while both partners hold the "waiter's carry" (35/45# plate OH)

3) For Steel workers and Firemen:
135# sled pull 4 lengths of parking lot, while partners conduct the fireman's carry

4) For Farmers:
 400m farmer's carry, with 2 KB per team (1.5/2pd)

We will do this WOD together at 10am on Labor Day. This is the only class we'll have for the day, so come work out and then enjoy your holiday!

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