Featured Athlete - May 2013

May 2013 Athlete of the Month
Richard Dunn
1. What is your name?
Richard Dunn

 2. When did you start doing CrossFit? 
October 2012

3. What got you into CrossFit? 
I like the high paced extreme workouts.
 Also - it was different.

4. What do you like about CrossFit? 
I like the team feeling you get at Phalanx. How everyone is motivational and wanting to see you succeed. Always smiling and giving me sh**. Its fun!!

5. What is your favorite workout and Why? 
This one it tough for me because I look at all the workouts the same. There is one day that I remember that we maxed out on strict press, squat, and dead lift [CrossFit Total].
Good laughs with everyone that day!

6. What is your least favorite workout and Why? 
 The workouts that I don't do because I'm busy with something else and can't make it to the gym!
 And... Fran...... It's a love/hate relationship....

7. What else should we know about you? 
Well I'm in my 30s, live in Pittsboro, and am currently employed. Also not to leave out my wonderful wife Maria!!! Who is expecting our first child in October!!

8. How has CrossFit changed your daily life?
I'm more energetic since I've started CrossFit.

9. What personal changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit? 
Better self-esteem! Losing inches on the waist! Wife can't keep her hands off me!!

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