Featured Athlete - February 2014

What is your name?
Chris standing
next to his max box jump! 
Chris Rubinosky

When did you start doing CrossFit? 
February 2013

What do you like about CrossFit? 
I love how the workouts require you to use different muscles that a normal person who works out daily would not workout.

 I love the people that attend the classes and the competition. That is what drives me to come back and do the WOD the next day.

What is you favorite workout and why? 
One Friday I came in and it was open gym like always. I had been to every class that week so I decided to do a hero WOD that the gym hasn’t done. I picked one of the new girls “Amanda.” 9-7-5 Muscle Ups and Snatches. I picked the WOD because it involved two of my favorite movements! Anything that has snatches or muscle ups in them I love!

What is your least favorite workout and why?
I don’t have a certain workout I dislike, although I do not look forward to coming into the gym and seeing any kind of rowing or anything that I cannot Rx.

What else should we know about you? 

I am currently enrolled at Sandhills Community College. I have a semester and a half to go until I get my Associates In Arts. I plan on using that degree to transfer to East Carolina University and major in Exercise Science/ Kinesiology.

How has CrossFit changed your daily life? 

I have noticed that although I may not be getting bigger weight wise, I am definitely getting stronger in other places. Things around the house have become easier to lift or move. The women that see my body that CrossFit helped build is definitely a noticeable change, and I kind of like it (Sorry Alyssa)!

What personal changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit? 
Before CrossFit I was always mad or upset about something. I was always antsy and had to do something but was too lazy to do anything. Coming to the workouts and pushing myself helped drive the anger out or alleviate what I was upset about. I have learned to take the emotions that I feel inside whether they were good or bad and transfer them into the WOD. Walking out of the gym after a nice workout is the best feeling to me, almost as if everything I was going through had been put on pause or like I worked the anger out of me.

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  1. Congrats sweetie!! Im so proud of you!! Keep using this as a tool to release anger or bad energy...Its good for u! Again, congrats!! I love you! -Anastascia


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